Various AI and visual bugs and glitches

Platform: PC

Game mode: Operations

Mission: Assault HQ on the Gear Factorum map

Here are various bugs I've noted in I've included links to YouTube with specific examples.

First, there's the walking-in-place AI pathfinding bug. Sometimes the AI runs into this issue and immediately finds an alternative path/objective. Example 1. Example 2.

On other occasions, the AI gets stuck in one round (Example 3) and then is able to navigate as usual in the next round (Example 4).

The patch notes state, "(AI) AI-controlled Fighters should now be less prone to becoming stuck in the environment, and will now end their turn if they do so to prevent soft-blocking scenarios." I'm guessing that's the explanation for Examples 3 and 4. I'm curious why the AI seems much more competent in Examples 1 and 2.

Next is the Item Management bug which prevents an AI ganger armed with a two-handed weapon from switching to a one-handed weapon after picking up a resource in one hand. Example 5.

That same AI ganger went out-of-action later and its inventory contained two one-handed Plasma Pistols. Example 6.

Was the AI ganger attempting and failing to equip a one-handed melee weapon?

This isn't a bug per se but it's odd (and relatively uncommon) behaviour by the AI. In Round 1, it buffs itself and then immediately makes a 180 degree turn and walks to the wall at the edge of the map. Example 7.

In Round 2, it joins in the fight. Example 8. I suppose it's justifiable if the AI is attempting to avoid attention until the next round but it just looks awkward.

Speaking of "looks awkward," there's the timing issue that displays the stunned pose and animation well before the attack lands. Example 9.

There's also a "camera" glitch that occasionally rears its head during melee combat animation. It's annoying and I imagine someone with epilepsy might have a stronger reaction. Example 10.

This is a tolerable non-combat version of the same camera issue. Example 11.

Finally, there's the awkward visual when a Lay-Mechanic uses a zip line. Example 12.

Here's a link to the corresponding Necromunda log file: Log.

Hi Geeb, thank you as always for your reports!

I've transmitted all these issues to dev and they will take a look 🙂