AI Item Management bug

58c6dc06-db38-4bbd-86de-d242412a16c9-image.png Platform: PC

Game mode: Operations

Retrieval: Machine Parts on the Sludge Sea map
Retrieval: Weapon Prototype on the Stinger Mould Sprawl map

Here are a couple of AI-related bugs I've recorded in I've included links to YouTube showing examples.

This bug affects the AI in every mission on every map. I think of it as the Item Management bug. Example 1, Example 2. What happens is an AI ganger, armed with a two-handed melee or ranged weapon, picks up a resource in one hand and then attempts to equip a one-handed weapon in its free hand. It invariably fails while the Item Management text flashes onscreen and the item management animation plays.

There is, of course, the possibility the AI doesn't have a one-handed weapon in its inventory but if that's the case, it shouldn't bother doing Item Management in the first place. It's also worth noting the AI will keep on attempting and failing Item Management -- sometimes in the same round and sometimes in subsequent rounds. (Example 3, Example 4.)

The bug leaves the AI ganger barehanded and relatively harmless, making it an easy target. Since most of the missions in Operations tend to be resource-grabs of some sort, fixing this might result in a minor increase in the AI's threat level.

The bug doesn't appear to affect AI gangers who are armed with two one-handed weapons. (Example 5, Example 6.) The AI doesn't needn't bother with Item Management after picking up a resource in this scenario since it already has a one-handed weapon equipped in its other hand.

Same problem on PS4, and also AI gang members don’t have any weapons equip if you loot them, the mission before.