I want to ask everyone here to post in support of this thread so we can have our voices heard.

Anytime you walk up to something you can see just how horribly pixelated it becomes, it wasn't this bad until they removed the HD Textures. This is pretty much what the game was advertised on, the store page has screenshots of this game in HD Textures. This game originally came with HD Textures, but NWI has nerfed the textures without any warning.

My idea is that we should be able to download the HD, not downgraded textures as a separate "DLC", similar to the free "Ultra Textures Pack" DLC that Rainbow Six Siege has. It should be a great option for those who has enough VRAM on their GPU and, completely optional.

I'm aware, however, that this has to be updated every time NWI adds new content into the game, but I think it would be worth it in the long run.