When the console mods drop , as i am understanding the process will be very limiting for the mods on console.

My question is , will PC have the same issues? or will we still be aloud to use the mods we know and like.

reason for my asking is some of the BEST mods in terms of ability, power, balance, color, shading, attention to detail ect are russian.
you can't beat the sheer beauty of american vehicles but often times the level of Attention and detail is not there. they just sort of get by on there looks so to speak.

and you said all titles of vehicles must be in english. I am american i don't know what there saying either but there mods are awesome.

also tweak mods will they still be available on PC ? They usually are the best of both worlds nice models modified to work as good as they look.

There is so much attention placed on console stuff not much is being said about what we can expect as pc players .

I hope this doesn't offend as some of these modders are particularly sensitive.