Feedback for Canada: "Congrats"

Absolutely gorgeous map design. Large, nearly every terrain, parts are tricky, but not Imandra style nasty. A lot of scouting as well as really a lot to do. Even less powerful trucks as the 2070A or Paystar can be made work there. The sheer number of jobs allows you to vary the trucks. And there is enough infrastructure, that oncoming seasons can see some nice additional missions.

Crafting things is a great idea and an improvement for gameplay. Having bug-free craft sites and warehouses would be even better 😉

What I do not understand:

  • On Kovd -> Imandra getting the new garage "next map" was a pain in the butt. Here it is on the "you cannot miss it" side.

  • why are there upgrades for russian trucks in Canada? Especially as these Kolobs or the new engine for Bandit/Step/ZIKZ did not exactly need an upgrade urgently. I would have liked to see these upgrades as a reward for additional missions in Taymyr. And the new multipurpose transmission for the Kolbs - thats assisting "always AUTO" playstyle rather than "use a gear suitable for situation". Less rewarding IMHO.

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Monday isn't too far away now, they'd have tested the telehandler if they intended to change it, keep in mind that the telehandler is really being designed for FarmSim and will not see a future in SnowRunner.

I've sold my Kolobs ~ waste of space ~ these vehs should not need accessories yet a piddling Lo4f can rescue and turn them over, whilst every other veh in the fleet fail.

If you intend to load manually (some like it) and there would be a way to get it on a flatbed, it would a good alternative to a "flatbed plus crane" setup.

I think there is potential for special purpose vehicles as cranes (good ones), wreckers and loaders. But the UI must be such, that it does not spoil the players. A kind of shift key to quick access the axes.... other thread. The idea is good, the vehicle has a nice design, it has even a point in gameplay - but UI is shit and thus, the vehicle will be as a result shit too.