Unable to craft cabins... I second it.

I want to say that I too am having the same EXACT results as listed below by another player back in Oct. 26 2020. I have lost 4 sets of wooden planks trying to craft cabins and now I cannot harvest anymore. Give me my planks back!!!

stevegf37 26 Oct 2020, 12:42 reply quote
Since 10.4 Update I have not been able to craft cabins in either the Flooded Foothills or Big Salmon Peak at either of the cabin construction sites.

When I craft a cabin, it shows as complete and available, but when loaded it loads as a cargo container. I can unload the cargo container back to storehouse, but the wooden planks then show as consumed so cannot craft again. If fetch more planks this continues to happen.

Game restarts do not fix this issue.

it was doing that to me on concrete blocks with bagged cement i would drop it , craft it but when i went load it it turned itself back to bag cement, i figured out if i make 1 more than i needed it stopped doing it. and let me have my blocks finally

At least this bug was fixed on the live 10.1