DLC game Crashes getting frequent

since 10,4 drop i get constant crashes just trying to get on to the game , sometimes if i shut off epic and restart it will come back on. twice in game yesterday it crashed, and then kept crashing trying to get back on.

Ice stuck in air on Imandra.

still getting the glitch of trying to load cargo in trailer store tunnels ect

@barefootbob Hello.
Can you please send us the following? :

  • a DxDiag file: to get it, display the Run dialog using Windows+R, type dxdiag and tap OK. Then you can save your dxdiag as .txt file
  • a crushdump file (C:\usersusername\AppData\Local\Saber\CrashDump.dmp)*
  • a KSIVA code if possible (in the bottom screen)

*Mind, that the Appdata is a hidden folder.
Unhide AppData folder, here is the guide:

  1. Browse to your main drive where Windows resides, e.g. C:
  2. Go to the folder C:\Users
  3. Dig deeper into the folder with your username e.g. Oliver, Dave, Jon, Alex etc. (or whatever you called your PC). If you don’t know your username, you should see it when you log on or out of your PC.
  4. Next, you simply use the View tab at the very top and tick the option "Hidden folder".

I do not know if its a correlation or conincidence - if the game crashes more than one time upon a clean start (I still cannot even send the error report) there is one way to make it work:

  • reboot
  • disconnect any game controller and wheel
  • start the game
  • then reconnect the controllers

Then it works. It typically crashes before loading the disclaimer screens.

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