After 2 months still a mess

so I waited ~ 2 months to play this game, yet it is still a mess:

  • learned charge but cannot use it with my char (works well in campaign)
  • sometimes I cannot end my move. I keep pressing B and nothing happens. Pretty cool in multiplayer
  • I captured a HQ in operations (killed all enemies) but there is no ressource to salvage. Therefore I lose.

Kind of disappointing ( to stay political correct)

Yes I know small team and so on and so on ....

a small team, but a trifling, mischivous pimp of a publisher. Focus Home Interactive are the ones fucking both developers and their customers. They are in for a quick cash grab. they started out as a porn company and right now the do games. once that goes south, they will find another hustle.

aim at Focus Home Interactive. They are responsible for all the shit we had to endure, while our only mistake was to buy a videogame.

(for real, they're awful. avoid their games)

yeah well no. Never had any issue with Vampyr, Greedfall, Plague Tale or Blood Bowl and I am still enjoying Mordheim from time to time. So no, I do not see a reason to point a finger at Focus only.

Who else would be to blame then? Focus is the publisher which is directly responsible for the release of this game, they are 100% responsible for this mess, if you think it's some gremlin in the code you're delusional bud.

Also WWZ was a joke at launch, Greedfalls buggy

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BFG I and two is good. anf focus, I dont know wy they've gone shit sticks.