Bugs, errors, saves corrupted, can I get a refund, I'm tired.

I'm playing on PS4 and finally found a way to jump the error bug while i pick my operation. But now what, you updated and I could not even load into my gang, I'm tired of getting my save files deleted over and over again, no matter how I back up on the Cloud, you guys can always find a way to make me start all over again, I'm proud of you guys, please let me refund my money, I'm just too tired.

I finally got a refund from PSN this morning, to say it was a saga is in understatement, took two months of two emails a week and constant obstacles but if you don’t give up you’ll get there. I sent them links to this forum, both the user posts and the devs admitting the faults. Asked to be put through to PSN complaints department as well as contacting trading standards. Good luck, you’ll need it.