2H spread weapons range too short?

I hardly use the spread weapons. I feel like 15m range is too short for 2H. Also very little real opportunity to hit multiple opponents. 20m seems a bit better, and still shorter than projectile weapons. I wouldn't mind if damage was reduced based on distance, maybe it is already? Like 10m full/15 80%/20 60%. Increase base damage to adjust for this.

Also, seems melta gun should maybe have a bit more armor penetration? It's same a plasma at 25 maybe 35 is better for it? Or is it intended to be a type of plasma shotgun?

I can't tell if armor penetration on weapons is a percentage or absolute adjustment. A lot of table top games use adjustment to make calcs simpler. Melta vs 60% armor, does it leave 35% or 45%?

Anyway just some thoughts

To be honest I only bother with Autoguns and Autopistols due to the (IMO) highest overall average damage and proc’ing skills. Saw blade throwers are also awesome for high bleed stacks (even if you only graze on the hit)

Anything one shot (eg Las) is too much of a gamble to hit/not graze; they’re great when they work, but useless when they don’t. Auto weapons missing one of their shots doesn’t make much overall difference.

Plasma gets ignored due to one-shot and lower damage overall (armour pen < raw damage - armour).

Spread weapons are too short and, again, less overall damage per AP than the Auto weapons. And with pistol you can still over watch with those spare 10 AP (with skills) at the end of a round.

I’m currently running a heavy Leader with dual Auto Pistol, Heroic Shooting, Safeguard Aura (double cost to shoot her) and the passive double cost melee skill. Tuned up, with a lay mechanic giving Anointed Weapons she drops an opponent each round due to high crit chance. She’s a front-and-centre monster the oppo just can’t deal with.