MVP - How is it allocated?

I have one fighter (a Deadeye) who has been set up as a crit-machine. Armed with Autogun, I can get her shooting for zero AP.

The problem I have is that she has levelled past X and now just hogs the MVP every match. I’m guessing it’s because of either the frequency which with she scores critical hits, or the amount of total damage she puts out (she puts out waaaaay more than a Heavy could - can often one shot kill on Brutal).

The issue comes that she’s lost all stat upgrades (old bug) and maxed out skills, so now takes XP from the rest of the gang and can’t use it.

Can someone please tell me how the MVP is decided so I can modify how I use her? Cheers!

I don't have details on this but I thought it was by total damage as well. On deadly my deadeyes were "miraculously" leaving everyone with 1-5 HP and a sabateur was cleaning them up with grenades since other hit resistance was so high at that point. Sabateur had like 9 kills but deadeye got MVP. Unsure if using class specific skills plays into it. Sometimes intelligence XP gained after a match is higher than actual intelligence stat but haven't put effort into finding out why. Was guessing that skills use might be a source.

My experience is MVP is most total damage or leader. i get most MVPs on my leaders, regardless of gang... When it doesn't go to the leader, it always goes to whomever did the most damage in the match.