Infamy losses xbox one

Is it possible to redo the campaign to recover all the infamy the game has removed from me?
I am up to mission 11 but my infamy is currently zero following the latest patch. My custom gang has a current infamy of -2

I have also got 7/5 gang members meaning I lost that infamy as well. Will doing a new gang and reaching 5 trigger that for me? Same for using the mind wipe chip, if I do it again will that trigger the first instance?

At this point it is feeling like I need to just delete my profile on this game, assuming that is even possible and starting over.

I got negative infamy after playing the story so just deleted all my save files. On PS4 ) settings ) application save data ) system storage) delete. Assume xbox has something similar. Delete everything is ok, will have to redo options if you changed any. Or just leave the settings file. You'll have to replay the story from scratch and I'd suggest doing this before starting any gangs. After story completed then move to operations.

Not a fan of this but you can find an infinite money glitch and use it to get around 30-40 infamy fairly quick, like a couple hours. Using that infamy to boost with neuro inhibitors/weapons/armor can get you another 100 after like another 6-8 hours if done right. The last 80 or so take time but playing brutal/deadly can help speed it up. Some require it. This doesn't include story or human PvP infamy.

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