Hi Admins and Server owners,

Version 0.5 of the Insurgency Sandstorm RCON Tool for Windows and Linux has been released with a lot of new features! I'm still looking for users that might test it and let me know, in case you find bugs or have feature requests - if you like, give it a shot, it only takes a couple of minutes to try it.

Download: http://www.isrt.info

alt text

Release Notes:

  • Implemented error handling routines, direct rcon commands, map changer and progess bar for map changer

  • Put in a link for issue reporting

  • Added copy of console content

  • Made content of RCOn help and console content mark- and copy-able

  • Inserted Map view thumbnails for the running maps

  • Inserted a lot of custom maps

  • Made the entire app resizable

  • Introduced Modify Button for Server Manager

Known bugs:

  • List Player command produces a weird output that has to be structured - next release

Thanks for your help, contribution or just giving it a chance!

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