Exploding ice and "magic of unpacked cargo"




You need either dynamite or a chainsaw to get the clearance passing "the trees" with such a cargo.

Sorry, I do not really like missions you can get only done with "tricks" like "unpack" as a kind of cheat.

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The exploding ice has been a feature. In fact there has been exploding stuff on all the maps. I think it adds fun, but most do not agree with me.

So far we have not got answers about both issued raised in your vids, they have been reported from the very beginning.

I actually asked if it was a feature or a glitch that unpacking the cargo allows it to move through the trees.

I did not get any answer.

I have observed on all the SCS Games, Spintires, MudRunner, ETS & American Truck Simulator a phenomenon where on can drive an over-sized vehicle through a narrow gap driving in first person and one will mostly get through ~ however, use 2nd person view and one will ALWAYS get stuck, look at it and get stuck, just drive blindly and you go through most of the time.

Worth discussing. BTW, there are two other routes to take the aircraft, longer but easier and I used a big crane to lift the aircraft off the trailer, move the trailer forward and drive the crane nearer and reload the Aircraft Parts.

It was infact whilst doing this that I discovered and reported the phenomenon. The game has gone live with no change the way it works, but we never did get an answer to this and one can use the test maps and experiment with big trailers to test my reports.

Assuming you've played from the beginning, you'll have missed this phenomenon with all the big, special cargo trailers. 🙂

I did that mission twice, live and PTS. On PTS I gave the M916 with the yellow crane a try - and simply dragged the stuff to the airport. Works.

What other route did you try?

You can go right [West] around the lake and back the road towards the garage, but turn off back onto the ice and rejoin your route shortly after the woods obstacle.

Go [East] over the mountain and drag up through the deep snow to the airport ~ I believe this is the shortest distance, but you need to jump off a cliff somewhere.

Ok, jumping of a cliff is exactly the same kind of "cheat feeling" as unpacking cargo to change the collision model as well as dragging the item plainly with a crane behind you.

@JTT said in Exploding ice and "magic of unpacked cargo":

"cheat feeling"

I know what you mean, but jumping a cliff is really no different than dodging the breakable ice ~ you can get damage, lose the cargo and need a massive recovery operation. Ya, I guess you wouldn't attempt it in real life. 🙂

Where you are with the trees is an obviously known trap ~ once you trip it, you just cannot drive through ~ how much is legacy coding or deliberate new coding only the developers can answer and I have asked and not got a reply as mentioned already.

Close to that region is a massive gully, nothing should get through but I did and with the bigger trailer ~ totally arcade and juvenile.

So room for improvement for sure.

I avoided the woods and dragged them all round the lake shore . I noticed that 90% of time of you get truck through gap trailer will follow irrespective

Yep, perfect physics model. A wide trailer getting through everything. Was sure to slip off the ice or being stuck in gaps. Like "hide and seek" for kids - as long as you cant see it, it wont get you.

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