Bug: Mission crash while AI attempting melee

PS4 patch 1.2 on Sledge Sea collect batteries objective
Current gang and Operation were started on patch 1.1

After my turn this round it's AI-1's turn, walks down steps and triggers AI-2's ambush and evades. AI-1 disengages and game crashes. Reload game, AI-1 makes similar move, but doesn't trigger ambush, AI-2 looks to have moved to slightly different position and lost ambush. AI-1 continues moving to melee different AI-3 and game crashes as soon as lined up against AI-3 but before any action. Reloaded game again and exact same scenario as previous reload. Uploaded video via PS4 crash reporter.

Mission save file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12AK5T6_GcmlaJD_rONBsXgz-zsuL2UTL/view?usp=sharing

I deleted the mission save file which forfeited the mission and went on to the next one.

Next mission new map switchyard alley objective machine parts, end my turn and AI moved to melee AI and game crashes right when in melee position but before action. Very similar to last crash scenario. Crash repeated after reloading so deleted the mission save and moved to next mission.

Edit: 3rd mission with same crash, 3 of 4 missions now. AI moved to melee AI and as soon as circles touch it crashes. This was water still (ice) map with water barrel objective. This mission save file crashes during load.

3rd Mission save file:

The mission that didn't crash for this reason was a raid. Although it did crash during the looting round and I was able to reload at the beginning of the same turn.

I think I'm going to give up on the gangs I have and start fresh with the patch and see if this issue continues.

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Same exact thing happens to me as well. PS4, Sludge Sea....crashes when AI opponents move into melee range.

This has happened several more times but....it’s always when the AI melees itself. Melee with me vs the AI is fine.

( So far this has only happened to me on the Sludge Sea map but honestly, I try to kill melee toons very fast so they can’t fight each other and cause this crash.)

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It’s started happening for me too (Operations on PS4, AI engaging one of my fighters). I’m now stuck as it’s the AI’s turn and it’s the same move every time.

Has a patch just been released as the game has gone from rarely crashing to frequently crashing. If so, please revert the update till you fix this new bug so I can play the game again....

With the new Orlock gang created in patch 1.2 I've played 5 multi way matches on brutal and have not had this crash yet with AI ambushing or meleeing each other.

Just wanted to report I haven't seen the issue with any new gangs created after the Nov patch on PS4. I also see they have a new beta version on Steam that has a fix in it.