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Greetings, friends and fellow Necromunda: Underhive Wars players -

As always, we hope that this message finds you well.

It’s a huge pleasure for us to be back today with another major update, Patch, which comes with more than 100 new improvements and fixes to the game!

Together with the 150+ tickets already addressed by last month’s Patch, this new update will continue to improve your experience with the game, and we’re certain that you’ll be able to feel its effects as you dive back into the Underhive!

Just like last time, we’ve got quite a lot to cover today, so let’s jump right in, shall we?


As with the previous patch, we have mostly been focusing on community feedback and reports, as well as our own internal QA tests, in order to identify the priority fixes to address in this new update. Here is a short summary of the 4 major pillars on which the Dev Team’s efforts were primarily concentrated for Patch

  • AI Improvements (+Pacing)
  • Fixing Crashes
  • Fixing Soft-Blocks
  • Fixing Bugs

We have begun working on the much-requested AI Improvements, many of which have also improved the game’s pacing by significantly reducing the AI’s decision-making time in various circumstances. All in all, we’ve worked on making all AI-controlled fighters smarter and more aggressive throughout - an important undertaking which we’ll continue to iterate on in upcoming updates.

Like before, we have also put a considerable amount of effort in order to remove game-breaking blockers, as well as continued to fix numerous crashes and bugs on all platforms.

Finally, this new patch also brings a host of various balancing and quality-of-life improvements, such as finally fixing the Invert X and Y options on both Gamepads and Mouse+Keyboard, as well as adding the video option to turn Motion Blur on/off - two elements that were requested by many community members.

As always, you can find the complete and comprehensive Patch Notes at the end of this update post - these will provide you with a detailed list of the 100+ tickets that are included with this new update.

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If you’re reading this message, the update should already be LIVE.

If your game is set to update automatically, you should now see version in the lower corner of the Main Menu. Previous saves should be 100% compatible.


With the 250+ fixes and improvements from and now fully deployed, we’re already turning our sights towards the next update (1.2), which is currently planned for December.

Our plan is to continue working on the AI front, while also continuing to monitor all community channels in order to gather and address your feedback.

We’ve also heard rumours - whispers of a new gang emerging from the shadows of the underhive, eager to claim territory and resources for their House. Unfortunately, none of the scouts we’ve sent out to gather intel have returned - and it seems the only bodies we could recover were strangely irradiated, leading to their quick disposal. Our investigation continues, with new “volunteers” being dispatched daily.

In the meantime, if you encounter any errors with this new version, please don’t hesitate to report them on our Steam or Focus Home Interactive Technical Forums - we continue to read everything with attention, and your community-driven tickets are always one of the main driving forces behind the title’s updates.

You can also consult our detailed Bug Reporting Guide if you would like to know how to join your logs and save files to your reports - these play a big part in helping us to quickly reproduce, isolate and fix bugs of all kinds.

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As always, we would like to thank you very much for your time, patience, participation, continued support and feedback.

We sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed reading today’s update, and we’re convinced that you’ll love all the improvements added to the game with the new patch. Speaking of which, the complete patch notes now await you below.

With this, we wish you all a great day, and we’ll see you in the Underhive!

Best regards,
- The Rogue Factor Dev Team



  • (AI) Improved the AI's decision-making process in order to make turn beginnings significantly faster. In some cases, this has reduced the time AI-Fighters will stay immobile at the start of their turn (in order to plan their actions) from 10+ seconds to 1-3 seconds.

  • (AI) Improved the AI's decision-making process in order to make AI-controlled Fighters take better, more aggressive decisions overall.

  • (AI) Improved the AI's behaviour in Defend HQ missions, so that AI-controlled Fighters will no longer stay within their walls and passively wait for the attackers. They will, instead, actively seek out and engage the attacking enemies.

  • (AI) Verified + fixed the AI's ability to traverse all vaultable props, as well made sure that the AI considers these movement options in pathfinding calculations.

  • (AI) AI-controlled Fighters will now properly attack and destroy Barricades (player-built or otherwise) that block their path to Resources, Objectives and Extraction Zones.

  • (AI) AI-controlled Fighters are now more likely to prioritise engaging nearby enemies over the looting of dead bodies.

  • (AI) AI-controlled Fighters will now take significantly less time when deciding where to aim a skill or throw an item.

  • (AI) AI-controlled Brawlers are now less likely to disengage from Melee Combat in order to retreat or buff allies.

  • (AI) AI-controlled Fighters should now take less time when deciding their next action after picking up an object.

  • (AI) AI-controlled Fighters should now be less prone to becoming stuck in the environment, and will now end their turn if they do so to prevent soft-blocking scenarios.


  • (CONTROLS) Gamepad options for Invert X and Y will now correctly keep their settings when returning to the Hive from a mission.

  • (CONTROLS) Keyboard/Mouse options for Invert X and Y will now work as intended.

  • (VIDEO) Added the option to toggle Motion Blur on/off.

  • (SCENARIOS) Added the Corroded Catwalks map to the locations available for Pit Brawl scenarios.

  • (CINEMATICS) Loading processes will no longer run concurrently to the cinematics, in order to make sure that video sequences do not suffer from any frame drops or sudden cuts. A mission’s loading sequence will now only begin once the cinematic has finished playing, or when the player opts to skip it.

  • (GAMEPLAY) Adjusted the visual Gizmos on all in-game Traps (Skills, Objectives and Consumables), in order to render placement and AoE zones more clearly.

  • (VFX) Added new VFX to the Stinger Muld consumable item.


  • (BALANCING) Rank 6 equipment/consumable items now systematically have better stats/bonuses/effects than their Rank 5 counterparts.

  • (BALANCING) All Ranks of the Weapon Cleaning Kit now have different effects.

  • (BALANCING) Fists: Critical Hit Chance (5% -> 3%), Hit Precision (-25% -> -15%), Dmg Spread (50% -> 35%), Power (75 -> 50)

  • (BALANCING) Hand Flamer: Power (80 -> 85)

  • (BALANCING) Flamer: Dmg Spread (15% -> 10%), Power (90 -> 95)

  • (BALANCING) Cryo Gun: Dmg Spread (15% -> 10%), Power (100 -> 110)


  • (HIVE) Fixed a rare crash that could occur when trying to swap items back and forth on the same equipment slot.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to load a previously saved Operation Mission.


  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a crash that could occur to the winning player at the end of a mission, after achieving a Decisive Victory in 1v1 Contest Matchmaking.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a rare crash that could occur when searching for a Matchmaking game.

  • (OPERATIONS) Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving a Matchmaking queue and then immediately launching an Operation mission.


  • (COMBAT) Fixed a crash that could occur after a Fighter would use the Chem Synth consumable.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of a Turn, after a Fighter would be put Out of Action within an Unsafe Zone.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a crash that could occur to the client when the Host would disconnect from the game while a Fighter was moving.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a crash that would occur when cycling through different Out of Action bodies when searching them for loot.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a rare crash that could randomly occur when targeting enemy Fighters.


  • (CONSOLES) Fixed a crash that could occur after picking up "Heavy Load" items in Operations and Custom Matches.

  • (PS4) Fixed a crash that could occur after one of the players (either Guest/Host) would disconnect during a Multiplayer mission.

  • (X1) Fixed a crash that would occur when switching User Profile during active gameplay.

  • (X1) Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer games when performing a melee attack right after unequipping a weapon.


  • (HIVE) Fixed a soft lock that could occur when creating a new Gang (either Starter or Custom) by preventing the final Stats Tutorial panel from being closed.


  • (STORY) Fixed a soft lock that would occur when reloading Chapter 15, preventing its conclusion by permanently marking the "Setup an Ambush" Objective as incomplete.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a soft lock that could occur after skipping a turn during the Deployment Phase, preventing further Fighters from being deployed.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a soft lock that could prevent some clients from closing the Mission Report screen after completing a multiplayer match.


  • (COMBAT) Fixed a soft lock that could occur when triggering a Trap while interacting with a Zip Line, potentially preventing the AI from ending its Turn.


  • (PS4) Fixed an issue where one user would get stuck in-game if another player's console entered rest mode during a multiplayer mission.


  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug where swapping items back and forth on the same equipment slot could cause the unequipped item to disappear from the Backpack or Gang Stash.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug causing some Talents (Lucky Shooter / Lucky Striker) to display wrong Melee/Range Precision and Critical Hit Chance values in the Stats screen of the Fighter Overview.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug introduced by patch 1.1 where Fighters would no longer be able to lose limbs after suffering injuries.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug making it impossible for some Rank 5 weapons (Power Maces / Heavy Bolters / Bolt Guns) to appear in the Shop.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug where Fighters could lose Stat Points and Personality Traits, after suffering the normal penalties from forfeiting/losing a Contest mission, if they came back to the Hive with Injuries and lost weaponry.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug where the Infamy System (Points+ Task Progression) would sometimes be reset after playing a Story Mission.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug preventing some Infamy Tasks (Weaponized Squad 1 & 2) from properly registering their completion.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug where adding Implants to Fighters would not count towards the completion of the associated Infamy Task (Fully Wired).

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug where the initial Fighters provided in a Starter Gang would not count towards the completion of associated Infamy Tasks (Strength in Numbers 1 & 2).

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug causing the "Return to Crew Management" Shop button to incorrectly redirect to the main Hive menu instead.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug where rapidly pressing "Continue" during a Shift Report would cause the "Fighter Experience Summary" section to disappear.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug where the "Shop Restocked" tutorial panel would be triggered on the wrong screen, after completing a Skirmish mission.

  • (HIVE) Fixed a bug with cursor color that would occur when selecting a different Career during Fighter Recruitment.


  • (STORY) Fixed a bug allowing Fighters to loot Out of Action bodies for some career-specific gear pieces that should not be lootable.

  • (STORY) Fixed a bug causing a Control Station interactable object to clip through the floor of an Elevator in Chapter 06.

  • (STORY) Fixed a bug causing certain body parts to appear invisible in some circumstances, while playing Story mode.

  • (STORY) Fixed a bug in Chapter 15 where Flynt would be unable to equip some weapons after looting the Grand Dog.

  • (STORY) Fixed a bug in Chapter 15 where Flynt would sometimes only receive one Chainsword, instead of two.

  • (OPERATIONS) Fixed a bug where launching higher difficulty Operations would not properly increase the Rank of available Shop items.

  • (OPERATIONS) Fixed a bug where the indicated number of awarded Crates would be incorrect in the Rewards panel at the end of a mission.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug causing players to see different Initiative values for certain Fighters in the Mission Report.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug causing desynchronisation between players when a client (Guest) Fighter would pick up a Heavy Load object.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug causing desynchronisation on the client side when Fighters would interact with Gates or Elevators, triggering the wrong (Run) animation.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug where leaving a matchmaking queue to go play in Operations would lead to an empty Multiplayer mission being loaded.

  • (MULTIPLAYER) Fixed a bug where multiplayer clients (guests) would not see certain consumable objects being thrown.


  • (MAP) Fixed a bug causing some Zip Lines from the Conduit P9 map to not complete their travel animation, forcing the Player/AI to end its Turn after using them.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug that would allow Fighters to become stuck by jumping on a specific pallet from one Deployment Zone of the Cargo Dome Arena map.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug that would allow Fighters to become stuck by jumping on a specific train platform of the Switchyard Alley map.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug that would allow Fighters to become stuck by jumping through the main building's floor on the Gunshell Yard map.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug that would spawn an AI Fighter outside of the Stinger Mould Sprawl map's bounds in Retrieval missions.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug that would teleport a Fighter underneath the environment after spawning on a specific Deployment Point on the Vault Fortress map in Skirmish mode.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug that would teleport a Fighter underneath the environment when sabotaging a specific Zipline Connection on the Arboretum map.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug that would teleport a Fighter underneath the environment when sabotaging a specific Zipline Connection on the Sludge Sea map.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug where Fighters (either Player/AI-controlled) could be pushed out of the map's bounds when kneeling in a specific corner of the Cargo Docks map.

  • (MAP) Fixed a bug with an invisible collider preventing Fighters from passing under a particular pipe in the Conduit P9 map.

  • (MAP) Fixed a pathfinding bug where AI Fighters could become stuck against some crates in Pit Brawl missions on the Hangar Roof map.


  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug causing the value of the Plasma Weapons' Heat property to be displayed twice.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where the landing SFX would be missing from female Orlocks.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug causing the Mission Report panel to appear semi transparent at the end of timed Exhibition Skirmishes.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug preventing the "Aim Skill" panel from correctly refreshing, while aiming at a first target and moving in such a way that a second (closer) enemy would cross the line-of-sight.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where a Fighter's AP indicator would not visually update after performing an Auto-Recover from a previous Stun (which costs 20AP), until another action was performed.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where Fighter-built Barricades would not display an overhead HP bar.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where some buff effects from the Wild Snake consumable (Ranks 2 & 3) would not be displayed properly in the Buff Panel.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where some injuries would be listed twice in the Mission Report at the end of a mission.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug allowing Fighters to obtain opposite Traits (which should always be mutually exclusive).

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug causing a corrupted texture to be displayed in the smoke animation of the Glowspore Bomb consumable.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug causing some weapons to clip through the geometry of Interactable objects, such as Consoles and Panels.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug preventing Fighters from losing weapons equipped in the Left Hand as part of the Forfeit/Loss Contest penalties.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug preventing Fighters from using the Stinger Mould consumable after performing the Disengage skill.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug preventing the extra Looting Round from being triggered in some Contest missions when the last enemy would be killed during the mission's Final Round.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug sometimes causing the Neuro-Inhibitor's +300XP bonus not to be applied properly at the end of a mission.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug that could occur when building a Health Dispenser close to a ledge or wall, causing the Fighter to become stuck or fall through the environment.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow Players to cycle through invalid Deployment Points on certain maps.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where (the) teammate(s) of the Gang extracting with the objective in Retrieval:Archeotech missions would still be presented with a Defeat screen.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where a Fighter's Max HP and starting HP stats would not be calculated properly when starting a mission after purchasing both the Vanguard and Rearguard passive skills.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where revived or reinforcing Fighters would lose some hidden enchantments, allowing for some unwanted behaviours to occur.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where the "Enemy Tenacity" Infamy Skill would increase the Max HP of enemies without increasing their default starting HP.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where the Brawler's left and right arm Armour values would not take into account bonuses from the career-specific Armguards passive Perk.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where the player would incorrectly be declared victorious when reaching the end of the Turn Timer, while controlling a single light, in Spectrum Supremacy missions.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where the visual gizmo indicating the Area of Effect of some Throwable Items would have an incorrect radius.

  • (COMBAT) Fixed a bug where upgrading some House variants of the Chain Hit Brawler skill would render it unusable in future missions.


  • (LOCALIZATION) Fixed a missing string in the combat buff granting increased Max HP to enemies, on harder Sector Difficulties of Operations.

  • (LOCALIZATION) Fixed a missing string in the combat buff of a Personality Trait (Light Weapons Expert).

  • (LOCALIZATION) Fixed a missing string in the Video Options (Motion Blur).

  • (LOCALIZATION) Fixed missing strings in some Talents (Lucky Shooter / Lucky Striker)

  • (LOCALIZATION) Various other localization and translation fixes.


  • (X1) Fixed a bug where the game would not correctly associate save data when performing a constrained user change, during the loading screen after selecting Load Gang.

  • (X1) Fixed various instances of missing/placeholder assets being displayed.

  • (X1) Fixed a bug preventing the Host from inviting other players if Profile changes occurred while the "Add Opponent" screen was displayed.

  • (X1) Fixed a bug causing weird visual behaviour of the "Load Gang" button after switching Profile on the Main Menu.

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I see note about lost stats, personality traits. Do max stat points lost by bug get added back to gangers?

Thats a lot of good bug fixes. But like the post above, I would really like my missing max stat point upgrades back.

Is this live for Xbox? Last patch took a while to clear.

Doesn't appear to restore Max upgrade points to affected characters, but the bug itself seems to be resolved with this patch.

Hi, neither "update" has fixed core crashing issues or resolved gangs in a crash loop, or infamy issues.

Fuck your fucking game.

Oh right, I forgot. That's not what this company does. You'll extort as much money as you can and then abandon it.

You're a garbage fucking company selling piles of shit that you've wrapped in a fucking bow.

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Wtf!??..... This game has absolutely screwed me over for last time!!..... How can you lot be talking about DLC right now when this still unplayable... I Just literally finished a four way operations mission, for it only crashed when it was, I presume, was saving at the end of Misson complete, it took absolute ages for it to do anything, basic instinct was to close application!!..... Now I can't load that save cause keeps blue screening to death every time it loads!!!!

Hours of Gameplay and effort wasted thank you very much!!!

Please fix the new Infamy bug you've introduced with the November patch. All my gangs now have huge negative Infamy scores in their current Operations, which get converted back to zero Infamy once an Operation is ended and a new one is started. The only Infamy any of my gangs now have is new points they earn - all the previously accumulated points are gone.

Also, the November patch has not fixed the max stat increase points that were lost by gang members due to leveling up then entering a mission witohut immediately using the unlocked increases. These desperately need to be restored to the impacted gang members!