Hello everyone,,

I know Sandstorm had huge technical issues at launch and is still kinda janky in a few ways but its definitely a very memorable shooter and has a great sound, mechanics, and gameplay base for the most part.

Sandstorm has low TTK, lower than this game with half the guns killing you in one shot. But there's 0 aim assist and no bullet magnetism whatsoever which makes it much more difficult to aim correctly. The maps are mostly CQB and have tons of corners and angles for camping. Camping IS prevalent but its hard to camp correctly or for a long time, it doesn't feel too cancerous. Footsteps are loud if you're running or not crouching, if theres no shooting or call-ins then you can also hear crouch walking but its less distinct and a bit harder to judge accurately where the person is https://100001.onl/.

However it has four solutions to the camping issue in these CQB low TTK FPS shooters. First is that crouching does lower sound and shooting guns from other parts of the map if somewhat close by will mask your footsteps (which is fucking logical, assault rifles shotguns and explosives are 10 times louder than footsteps https://1921681254.mx/.)

Secondly, movement when sprinting is REALLY FAST. So experienced players who have map knowledge and Sprint/jump in can avoid the campers, especially when you combine this with very low if non-existent bullet magnetism meaning that only a person who gets the perfect shot off gets the kill- and killing someone who's stationary is much easier than killing a moving target.

Thirdly, lots and lots of smoke/debris from explosions and smoke nades can and will cover you from campers if you're not running ahead. if you're new to the game and use the cheap ass smoke grenades in the loadout well done you're doing well.

Fourthly: lots of flanking opportunities means one team can't cover every corner or part of the map effectively which combined with all the previous three means its hard to win or lose or continually die to campers except for newbies.

One of the points I think is ignored in discussions on the issues with this game is lack of aim assist and large degree of bullet magnetism (how close you have to be with your shot in order for the shot to 'count' and 'bend' towards your target. Can be done through changing bullet/projectile size stats, large hitboxes or outright magnetism. The reason you want this to be generous is so that even bad players get kills- its always been the difference between games such as CS and COD. However this game has really really low TTK, and multiple elements such as the extremely loud footsteps which make the issue prevalent.

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