Fixed multiplayer

In the Snow Runner public test, when you create the co-op game, the garage game screen does not launch, !Session Complete! is displayed.

Hello! Can you please specify, is this message shown only when you deal with a garage, so it is not randomly displayed?

Also, please after encountering this issue again, provide your and your friends’ KSIVA codes along with a screen of the message. Each player can find KSIVA code at the bottom of the game menu.

Also please mention the exact time of connection attempt with your timezone.

Tell us which ksiva code belongs to the host and which to the guest.

Hey there!
I have the same issue.
Whenever I am trying to host a MP session on PTS it is switching to the "session completed" screen right after loading attempt.

There´s an error message "truck mod is missing" although I unsubscribed to all mods and reinstalled the PTS.


Hello @halbdurch
Thank you for the report.
Can you reach us with this issue at
Attach this link to the mail, mention your username from the forum and attach your PTS storage folder, here is the path to it: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunnerBeta\base\storage

@rudeborya Thank you! As requested I´ve sent the mail.

@rudeborya I´m curious if you find something and looking forward to the solution! 👍🏾