shooting own roaring forge solidly destroys save file

PS4 1.1 patch. Happened twice now trying to destroy Goliath fire traps I put out so I can loot the bodies in it will crash the game and make the save file unloadable. Can remove the mission save file which allows you to load your gang but causes you to forfeit the match opening you up to injured/dead fighters.

I just started using traps as a change up but their placement seems so limited that they are almost useless. Most cases enemies have to just walk a few extra feet to avoid them, except very limited placement in certain sections of a bridge/walkway.

Hi there!

We tried to reproduce but the game did not crash when we destroyed the Roaring Forge. Did you destroy it a particular way?
Can you reproduce it 100%?

1st time heavy with stub gun, destroyed it during loot round. Then rotated fighter to look around and game crashed. 2nd time dead eye with auto gun, did not destroy, started to move forward and crashed.

Not 100%, as LM shot one today on accident with auto pistol trying to overwatch. I ended turn immediately no move no look figuring it would crash anyway but didn't.

When it did crash I tried reloading the mission 3 times each time and it crashed on load forcing me to remove the mission save file to continue the operation. On other crashes from other reasons sometimes the 1st load crashes but the 2nd one loads so I try multiple times.

Heavy and deadeye were far away, LM was close. 3 different maps: palantire comm, ice map, sledge sea (didn't crash). Heavy had bodies in the trap area, deadeye had a chest in the trap, LM had no objects in it as had just placed it that turn.

Hope that helps.