Causing bleed out doesn't count as kill?

PS4 1.1 patch. 1v1 operation match (not skirmish). clan objective is kill heavies. I clearly killed a heavy with bleed out from saw blade thrower, but objective shows 0/18 still. AI moved and shot twice, I shot it with 2 guys then bled out. No other source of damage.

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kills only count when made in the character's turn. bleed out, corruption traps, chem thrower toxin occur in the opponent's turn, so a kill can't be assigned seems to be what happens in my observations. i've stopped using DoT weapons except chainswords as a result of realizing this...

Hi, thank you guys for reporting!

We could confirm this behaviour and we addressed it to the devs, so they can work on it 🙂

Thanks again for helping us!