Playing Goliaths on Palanite Commissary map on deadly setting, get the high ground at start. Setup heavy barrage, then roaring fire traps the AI has to go through. No other actions by my remaining 3 other than field repair on the heavy and AI dead on 1st round. Looting round starts, shoot the traps so I can loot bodies, rotate camera left and game crashes. Tried reloading 4 times, but mission crashes on load. Go delete the mission save file, load the gang ok, but I guess I forfeited the mission instead off replaying? Luckily no one died.

I spent 2x the time trying to recover a working gang from a match I already won than playing the match.

I really enjoy this game even though a lot of it is just chasing down AI carrying 2 objects, or carrying 1 object and not bothering to equip any of the 6 1-handed weapons they have in their pack. Watching them walk around all turn then sucking down a slaught/spur at the very end only to do nothing. Guess they don't want me to steal it lol.

Please fix these you-lose-everything-from-random-normal-action crashes. It's starting to get hard to bear.