Trailer Store UI Bug

Platform PC, version 10.4, Control Wheel (Logitec Generic)

I enter sometimes a trailer store, open the Menu and I cannot use any control to move the "selection" up or down, its stuck at first position. Exit works, thats it. Neither Wheel, gamepad nor keyboard as alternative input possible.

Leave store, get back, same issue. Exit game, load, enter store again, works. Happened a few times in this PTS version, but not daily. I cannot force/nail it down to "use this/that ...."

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Hello, could you please attach a KSIVA code so that we could report this problem?

Next time. Happens more often, I'll update this thread.


Happened suddenly again, Game was up for some time (few hours, weather here was shit) and I used the trailer store before. Just recalled to the garage, changed truck, driven out and thats it.


Ksiva p:10bb7 in Screenshot, turned that ON again - at least on PTS. Neither wheel nor keyboard nor gamepad changes the selector. ESC/exit keys and buttons work.

Another "bug": I was in that trailer store, screenshot, engine off, handbrake on - type this post. I get back to game with alt-tab, motor starts. I wasn't touching anything. Input by keyboard and wheel (Logitech generic).

And would it be possible to start the engine (with handbrake enabled only), if you apply 100% throttle? And please, make the beacons "off by default" as an option, remember that for the last time or last time on this truck - thats "auto on" currently is plainly annoying. I like to see something in the dark and as the rooflights are only available with beacon -> sucks.

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Its a coincidence that its again the M916. Had this with different trucks before, I just play Canada mustly with US Vehicles. This time no recall before, plainly back from a cargo delivery.

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@JTT Hello!
Thank you for the detailed report!
We will investigate this issue with the help of provided info.