Character Customization

There are quite a few issues present in the customization menu:

  • Regarding loadouts for weapons and presets for cosmetics, I feel the current system for overwriting saved sets is clunky and unpredictable.
    • I believe there should be buttons added specifically for overwriting a selected preset; I believed that's what the "Edit Cosmetic Preset" button did, but when I click it, all changes are reverted and it goes back to whatever that preset's previous save was.
  • On the loadout screen, weapons with underbarrel launchers are bugged.


  • Suggestion: It would be very interesting to see more nationalities added for the character voice; maybe name them by ethnicity or general nationality, too.

Key Customization

This one is much more brief:

  • The compass keys are not working for me, and I cannot figure out why. Whenever I bind a button to my compass, it won't work.
  • Suggestion: Adding support for additional function keys (F13 and above) would be superb.
    • I truly have never seen a keyboard with more than 12 function keys, but I have "F14" bound to one of my mouse keys, as a standard "Mouse 4" key doesn't exist for it. This is more nitpicking than anything else.