Rocks to slippery/Trials, Ride-on king

So i just downloaded the PTS. the first thing i did was try the first trials map and i can honestly say I do not like it at all. the very first obstacle was to crawl over some large rock slabs plenty wide enough for the chevy scout truck. the problem comes as soon as your tires hit them, They have almost no grip at all. there is no snow or water on them, there's just no grip. i cant count how many times it took me to go over these. they sit at a very shallow angle, VERY SHALLOW. and yet the truck just slides right off of them as if they were made of ice. i finally managed to get over them only to get stuck on some more rock slabs because of no grip. even with fwd engaged i could not turn the truck at all. i don't know if this is just pts issues if its the tires on the truck or something else. but it grips everywhere else just fine. i know rocks aren't supposed to have the same grip as the road but still, this is just terrible and not fun at all, just frustrating.

Hi, Try low gear to reduce torque. But that way is not the fastest. Go left and down the cliff.😎

Use the winch on right side, attach to tree, do not pull, it is prevent to slide left.
It is a real offroad technique 🙂

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