Unable To Craft Cabins

Since 10.4 Update I have not been able to craft cabins in either the Flooded Foothills or Big Salmon Peak at either of the cabin construction sites.

When I craft a cabin, it shows as complete and available, but when loaded it loads as a cargo container. I can unload the cargo container back to storehouse, but the wooden planks then show as consumed so cannot craft again. If fetch more planks this continues to happen.

Game restarts do not fix this issue.


Seems this is panning out as a universal bug for either all cargo or all crafting centers.

BTW, I had been effected by the original bug with the Concrete Block vs Slab ~ but I blamed myself so never reported it.

It was the same for me when the bug first occurred. I thought I miscounted when making it ... but the third time I "miscounted" I doubted myself and paid more attention ...

Hello. This issue is a known one, thanks everyone for the reports. The team is working on this.

I have only experienced this when crafting cabins, not with other cargoes that require crafting.
Glad to hear it is already a known issue and will be fixed, as it brings contract completions to a grinding halt.
Thanks for a great game.