Please buff the AS VAL

The weapon is basically a 1000 RPM Makarov which is weirdly worse than the actual Makarov pistol itself. The gun should be 900 RPM (Instead of 1000) just like the real-life counterpart. Even on the caliber gauge, it shows it beign comparable to 9x19mm, smaller than .45 ACP. It's pretty dumb. Don't even come with the "balance" excuse because the Honey Badger is only 1 supply point less and it's better than this gun. The FAMAS is also 6 supply points, has the same RPM but it's a lot better than the AS VAL.

I personally don't have much problem using the gun, but please buff it so it takes 1 less shot to kill someone with it to make it worth it for most people. Also please make the subsonic rounds silent by not making any bullet cracks.

Just no, the game is good like that.