Error at the accommodation construction site

Yukon, Canada / Flooded foothills
Accommodation construction site

At the accommodation construction site, the built accommodation container cannot be handed over to a truck or the loading station.
The built container is no longer available after the attempt to load it. The resources required for construction (freight containers and wooden planks) are also removed and are no longer available.

This has something to do with the loading bug.

If you craft one, you cannot load it (it disappears), if you craft 2, you can load 1 (2nd disappears if you try it).

Could you please provide a video / screens of the issue so that we could analyse the problem? Also a ksiva code and the time of the happening (with your timezone) would be appreciated.

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I made a video for you guys. Unfortunately I cannot upload it because it is too big (610 MB).
Do you have a share folder where I can put the video for you?
The KSVIA is p198b5

Many thanks and best regards

please share video link


If it's possible, you can upload it on the Youtube, or use any cloud storage and give us a link.
Thanks for the ksiva!

@Fratzegeballer Yes, we have reported that one, thank you!

@NetRunner Please use this link to the Video:!AhCfAiFkjNhQjc53HCiajdpo3PkTyw?e=WmAIQf
If it doesn't work, please send me a message