Retro Cam reference point for 3rd person view near rear axle issue

PC, current live (9.0) as well as 1.04 PTS version.

The reference point for the third person view seems to be assigned to the rear axle. See the following screenshots of a DAN and M916 as a long and short wheelbased trucks.

rear axle focus 2.jpg
rear axle focus 1.jpg

Both are zoomed in to the max. The M916 has no load option, but you can see across the cabin. Forget that with the DAN or other long trucks. And the twinsteer as well as the fat / long KOLOBs with a massive cabin are even worse.

Edit: Screenshot from Imandras Container transport as the DAN bounced up:
bouncing cargo view with DAN.jpg

If you have a tall cargo or a tall&bouncy trailer, the camera may even be disturbed by the load and "jiggle around". See
Youtube Video

If you would move that reference point with respect to the front axle, you could avoid that issue. Scroll closer to the front axle and thats it. The load should not interfere with your camera again. And as the front axle is typically your steering, the perspective should be similar regardless of how long the truck is. And you could have your above and behind cabin view regardless of the length. And by the way, the collision issue of the cam with bouncing trailers would be also solved.

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Hello, could you please specify the issue so that we could get the grasp of this?
Is that right that the issue consists in the fact that because of the camera being fixed to the rear axle of the car when driving on long trucks or on a truck with a long trailer, the camera at some point starts to go crazy?