Big Fish Creek Large Pipe Bugged

I was working on the mission for the Factory and the last 2 items is 2xLarge Pipes, you have to bring 8 rolls of steel to the steel production site, one of them worked fine however since then 2x the largpipe allows you to craft it however when I click on load it turns the pipe into 2 cargo containers and takes the materials, ive tried multiple times to repair this but im just losing the material and not able to load a crafted large pipe without it turning into cargo containers on the trailer ...


This is by now a very well known and described bug. A temp solution is to craft one more than you need, it happens seemingly with all cargo, where that cargo is the last in stock.

It had some work done already in the patch 10.4 but it's a bigger bug now.

Thanks for reply, didnt know it was already a bug, I just did the entire map of everything else and moved on so now its complete with the exception of that one pipe lol