Got some level 6 armor today

PS4 1.1 patch. Got it out of level 10 gambling caskets from infamy points at the start of a deadly operation with elite training x3. Gang is 5 level 10 Escher's (main) plus 5 lower level gangers in 2nd crew. Gang rating is 5656.

2 armor pieces, a vest and left greave. Stats are exactly the same as level 5 but sell value is double, 570 with infamy bonuses.

Only took 350+ hours lol

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At least it was worth the wait for awesome benefits like that ; )

After patch arrives on X1 today..😱 the marketplace seems to be working properly now,have bought me 1 VI chest and the gambling containers are tier 10 now.
Tier VI look different to tier V, but why only this ??

Congrats, I have to keep switching gangs too often to get this. Playing too late and messing up max stats by not having enough xp or a place to put them so I have to put the gang on hold and try another.

I found a single Rank VI chest piece in a gambling crate yesterday.

Get your gang to level 10 and play deadly difficulty. Use infamy perk for gambling caskets at the beginning of the operation and to add more caskets in the store. My Goliath gang is all level VI armor and weapons except maybe 3 pieces. Game likes to give doubles though, have 6 left arm VI armor and only 1 ganger that can equip it.