Save Game broken with Logitech legacy input PTS 10.4

On those PC-s, where Logitech G25 or G27 is installed, and input is set to Logiech legacy, the game is failed to start, crashing before Saber logo.
If I delete the user_settinngs.dat file, or overwrite it from Live or old PTS version, the game is start again, but after quit from game, won't start again, same precedure required.

Are you sure its the driver? I had the same "crash at startup" issue and it was resolved with a reinstall of the graphics driver (nvidia) after the recent 20H2 update. Since the GPU driver reinstall no more crash.

And I had the same observation as you: live version worked, PTS crashed.

I am not sure about driver, I think it is some saving problem.
20H2 not installed on my computers, they run in 1903.
There are 3 gaming computers in the family, and I tested every combination, what I could.

PC1: i7 + GTX1070 with xbox360 controller. After the PTS 10.4 installed, save game need to be replaced from Live, after it, no more issue anyway.

PC2: i7 + RX580 with G25: Game start crashing if saving happend in game.
I mean, with "fresh" copy of save, if I start the PTS and quickly exit from main menu, the game start again, but if the game is saving anythink, the next startup is crashing.

PC3: i7 + GTX1070 with (borrowed) G27: exactly same issue, as on PC2, but without G27, no issues.

PTS reinstall, video driver reinstall not caused any advenages, only the save flushing can cause game to start, AND most weird thing is, some time, the save replace or full delete (no cloud on PTS) not enough to start the game, Windows reboot is required.

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Because I had after some days crashes of that type again, but I cannot correlate it to a game save locally. Saved yesterday, loaded today, no issue.


I too am having issues with the PTS Server with my wheel, PTS refuses to load into the main menu when my TX is plugged in and just crashes, if i unplug the wheel it launches normally but i now have phantom button presses when in the map menu but doesn't seem to affect driving but now is near impossible to select a truck from the menu or move around on the map, i have fired up the normal game and all is fine and no more phantom button presses or any other issues i have come across in the PTS and have checked all my controllers to see if they were the problem but they are fine, definitely a imput issue with PTS

I found a soulution, start the game with unplugged wheel, when the main menu is loaded, connect the wheel. It always works for me.