Fix the Servers.

This should be some base level stuff.

The state of matchmaking and the servers is horrid.

Im either being placed into games with a 200+ ping or 3 players.

Either fix it or scrap your matchmaking and allow community servers to run it again.

My region is set to Asia or Australia and whats stupid is I can get into the same asian game occasionally with 2 different pings. Ridiculous.

Whoever you are paying to host the servers needs to be sacked.
This isnt the only reason, servers crashing, servers not working at all, no adequate support system in place.

Its about time you stop trying to push all these DLC's and fix core problems.

@webbie HOLY CRAP. I thought i was the only one. Am based in singapore. The PING for Asian servers pure sucks.

I am guessing the NWI servers are located in Singapore as well. But i am getting >190ms ping, sometimes i leave and rejoin and my ping drops to ~40. I cant do this all the time as i usually squad up with alot of friends.

Most recently the ping is maintaining at 190ms, i have no idea what is happening to the asian servers