Has the Big Samlon Peak reservoir mission been debugged?

There are not enough mediumsize pipes on the map, and no factories produce it. The cabin zone does not recognize the cabin,I also encountered a serious menu skipping error while trying to complete this task. And it seems that the construction of the factory is complete.I am stuck on this task because I cannot select the task menu.

Could you please provide some screenshots of the issue (along with your KSIVA code)?

The menu will automatically point to the top and cannot be operated. This is a bug reported in 10.3.
The cabin zone does not recognize the cabin
There is no cargo on the map to complete the task, and the building seems to have been completed. Of course, I can't complete the task so I can't trigger the event. I don't know what it will look like in the end.

Thank you very much for the info and screens provided!