PS4 1.1patch

So I’m reading the 1.1 patch is available on ps4 but when I select “check for an update” I get told “the installed application is the latest version”

Despite it being 1.02.

Are we still being lied to or am I missing something?

Hello, the patch is live on PS4 since october 8th, so you should be able to install it.

Did you try to reboot your system? Maybe a setting prevents it to detect and auto-install the version 😕

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It shows as last updated 8/10 but the version is 1.02

The saved games still can’t be loaded. The gang date shows on system storage but there is no option to load in game.

Any ideas?

Yeah looks like the version is 1.1 when I load the game. The load gang option is greyed out. I thought this patch would restore saved games?

@Focus_HugoM are you able to help? The load game is greyed out. I have version 1.1 and can still view my saved gang on system saved data on PlayStation menu. Thanks

Could confirm what version number is when are in the game Main Menu?
I will try to figure out what is happening here.

Thank you for your time and sorry that you can't play your favourite gang 😞

@Focus_HugoM Hi Hugo I’m using version build 798

The load button to get my gang is greyed out and all story progress lost. Thanks for the help

Hello Benneeson,

Unfortunately, your save data could not be repaired by the Recovery Wizard system and it got deleted by it.
I'm afraid that unless you made a backup save before the update, your data is permanently lost.
From now on, there is nothing we can do.

However, as precised in the patch note, the Recovery Wizard is still in its first version, and cannot solve every corrupted data problem yet.

Thank you for taking the time to report us your problem, and sorry again for that issue.

@Mzulft I can still see the saved game data of the gang so it isn’t deleted. It is still there in system storage.

I have lost a lot of hours of play but if it doesn’t happen again I suppose I can start a new gang. The one thing that pains me is the story mode. It is a chore to play and I was only playing it to unlock customisations options. Is there any way these can be unlocked for me to make up for losing the campaign gang?

Many thanks

Your save is probably hosed. I've tried story mode twice. 1st time game crashed and lost everything like you. Played operations and got to 225 infamy on patch 1.1. Played story mode to ch 11. Game crashed and lost all infamy, so manually deleted game saves, and started over again. Suggest playing story mode before any operations, save game files off console after every chapter. Multiple locations for safety. If crash then revert to copied save files and replay the chapter. Once through story probably shouldn't play again unless want to risk infamy points. And still save between chapters.

Hoping issue is fixed next patch.

@Benneeson84 Could you please send us your save? To do so:

  • You have to make a backup save on a USB key or a hard drive.

  • Then, send us the complete folder with WeTransfer or Google Drive.

@Mzulft didn’t even know this can be done on PS4 but I’ll see if I can do it and get back to you, Thanks for the help