Bug - last cargo (of a type) at ware-/storehouse changes when load on truck

As you can see in the video, I have 2 small pipes in the warehouse.
1st pipe I loaded at the truck, it counts from 2 to 1.
I switched to the trailer and the second small pipe is visible on the trailer.
When I pack them, the pipes switches to metall beams and my pipe is lost (video at 0:28).

Youtube Video

Same happened to me with concerte block at the ware-/storehouse near the garage. I craft 2 blocks and the 2nd block changes to consumables (or something else - next cargo in the list of the warehouse) when I try to pack the block.

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literally playing the old levels over again waiting for them to fix this. The last level is the only one I know that has this problem.

I complete this information.

On Flooded foothills, on cimentary, I unload 2 cement, make 1 concrete slab, load this.
And concret blocks apparear !

On KSIVA:p:9183d

Make PTS 10.5 great !

Had this yesterday too. Surprisingly, that was randomly. As I made a video, it worked. And I used the mouse rather than my controller for this. Dont know if this is a coincidence or a correlation.

@Talkerr0r said in Bug - last cargo (of a type) at ware-/storehouse changes when load on truck:

Thanks for the info, @Fratzegeballer @Gadouillle
We will look into it.

Ye already are, this has been acknowledged about ten times by now. And and issue similar was supposedly fixed for 10.4 ~ but it went global.