PTS Update 23/10/2020 (10.4)

Hello everyone!

We've just released another patch for the PTS update with a number of bug fixes and improvements. Thanks so much for your continued feedback!

Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where the Concrete Blocks cargo was created instead of Concrete Slab cargo in the Concrete production site in the Flooded Foothills map
  • Tweaked "On the rock" trigger zone in Big Salmon Peak
  • Fixed a bug where a trailer could get stuck in the barrier after transitioning via a gateway between Yukon maps
  • Added additional sound effect for securing vehicles to trailers
  • Fixed a bug where secured vehicles were desynced between client and host after client transitioned back to host location via a gateway with secured vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where the packed truck was automatically unpacked after going through the gate twice and moving to the car on another map
  • Fixed a bug where "Northern bridge" had no collisions during construction's animation in Yukon


  • Added Maintenance Frame Addon for KRS 58 Bandit
  • Reworked honk sound for ANK Mk. 38
  • Fixed a bug where Cat TH357 wheels moved when player tilted Fork handler forwards or backward


  • Fixed a bug where one of the options in Steering wheel type selection was empty
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor was stuck in the top left of the screen when restarting the mission
  • Fixed a bug where the displayed cargo amount in any zone with framing did not update when another player changed it in a co-op session


  • Supported offline mode for mod browser in case is not available. Players can now play with mods that were downloaded locally.
  • Fixed a bug where directions of arrows on the 'Popular Today' filter in 'Mod Browser' did not correspond with directions of the 'Popular' filter on
  • Additional changes to increase download speed
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You maybe fix the pts but on live version is broken again... can't download a thing...

Edit: Mod works again.

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This is great news phase 2 is getting closer

Can you fix the bug that stops me from hosting a multi-player game?.... It loads up on the load screen, then goes instantly to the session complete screen. It's literally unplayable. I used to stream this game every day.... now I can't even play it.

Please fix immediately.

  • Added Maintenance Frame Addon for KRS 58 Bandit

Thank you !

can you please fix the loading issues! i cant get in rift. quarry etc. im stuck on loading screen! i cant even play it!

Not seeing a lot of bug fixes for the other regions, trucks or game client.

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@ukgamer808 said in PTS Update 23/10/2020 (10.4):

This is great news phase 2 is getting closer

Yes. I must admit that I am getting a bit impatient.

@Peter76 I totally agree with you, sometimes I am in doubt if time is passing quickly or if it is taking a while to reach this phase 2 .but I think it should be like a good wine the older the better ..🍷

Awesome! On step close ✌

Seen some people mentioning, in other threads, that this will be the final update to the PTS for Patch 10?

Any truth to that?

Now the bug is back except this time it is the cargo containers turning into metal beams, now I'm out of metal rolls because I just kept creating metal beams thinking..this time it will create cargo containers. I mean can we fix that like right now...there is literaly nothing else i can do in this game without a fix. " I need my Snowrunner fix dammit! " I feel cold..

@Amynue said in PTS Update 23/10/2020 (10.4):

Maintenance Frame Addon

dear devs and players! that is wrong with you?!?!
do you have BRAINS?!
since release majority of fan base were angry about common addons, like russian army KUNG on British army Scammell, or others...
some kid asked you to put western maintenance addon on russian custom chassis, based on old rusty soviet bus (!) PAZ....and devs have done it!!!!(((

can someone erase this forum as a game breaking plague?!

This post is deleted!

Is that stop sign supposed to be placed here and oriented in that direction ?
Sans titre.jpg
Sans titre2.jpg

Something is wrong with the KRS 58 crane : When used in normal camera everything is ok, but when used in second camera mod the left stick moves the crane & the camera at the same time.

I can't play to........... !

SnowRunner crash 10.4.jpg