I am a new player who has spent roughly 20 hours in the game but have been extremely disapointed to discover a glitch with no user fix (seemingly). The problem is as follows;
(from first launch) my credit balance has been inconsistent; ranging from -6,xxx,xxx credits to 1,xxx,xxx,xxx credits. Despite this, I am unable to unlock ANY cosmetics including those I have unlocked. When attempting to purchase items that I should have unlocked (even though they have a lock symbol next to the item name) i recieve an error message about "LIGHT BLUE DIAGONAL". This is SUPER frustrating and is making me want to stop playing a game that I otherwise am beginning to love. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
ps. I have restarted computer, game, and steam countless times. I even deleted all saved game caches and am now lvl 0 again to no avail.