Having connecting to the server issue HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

I sent a email to new world support and still haven't received a message back and its been about almost two weeks now, that shows they don't care once they take your money. hopefully some could help me with trying to fix this game so i can play it by myself. so when i logic on this game it connect and unconnects to new world server so i can't find/or play a public game so no pvp but i can join player private server but only allows me to play one match then kicks me from the next match for cheating something even thought i never cheated before in my life. but what is weird is if i play with my friends and they host the game then i can join public game but only for one match then after have to restart the game and repeat the process or and over. so it connects when i'm with friends but by myself it does't connect.

NWI won't be able to fix network issues besides their own server or if Valve's master server fails (which it did a day ago).

There is one thing you might try and that is to sync system clocks with the internet to ensure your system date is set to a valid one (invalid dates invalidates certificates and auth services so issues like this may happen. Sadly the game does not tell this to the user and just keeps on trying to reconnect).

Additionally double-check your network (physically and in terms of any firewall, antimalware, etc.) that it is not blocking the game in any way.