So I was winch towing a truck with a trailer across the bridge in island lake at the abandoned drilling site the task its near is bridge the gap witch is also the task to build this bridge the trailer glitched onto I disconnected the winch to make the corner in the front truck but had left the rear truck on the bridge to get a good run for it I got into the truck that was being towed to make the corner in that truck and the trailer was glitched into the bridge, so stuck nothing will move it, this happened with the sideboard semi trailer might happen eith otheres to and the truck is a caterpillar ct680, this is really irritating seeing as how that's the only way to get drilling equipment without have to go through the deep mud next to the bridge and risking being there trying to save the truck for 30 minutes, would love a fix asap, cant continue the main story without the mission finished, that's gonna take a while, warning to player don't do what I did till the bug is fixed 😊