Orlock, Activeskill: Preparation

Should last until the end of the fight (except fighter get stuned) but ive noticed that it only have an "oneturndurration"
Bug or incorrect translation ?

Hey @Dhorse12, sorry to hear that 😕
Could you remind me on which platform you're playing?
I tried but couldn't reproduce this on PC. For me, the skill effects are applied during all fight and one not one-turn.
But I noticed that it takes some time to display the skill in the buff panel.
If the panel was already open at your turn start or if you opened it too fast, Preparation won't be displayed until you update the panel, by closing/reopening it or by switching through the pages with the [Alt] button.

Do you think it could be that?

In the status window I haven't looked yet but the initiative counts only the next round, after this no more .My supporter has 130 ground ini, after activation "preparation "160 (in the bar at the top of the screen).

In the following rounds he then has again only 130 ..
the fighter order also treats this in such a way

Playing on XBone

(to specify, if the 30 ini only counts for a rounde is missing behind a "x1" or something 🙂 )

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We'll try it on Xbox One, as it worked fine on PC for me.
The skill should last until the end of the game, until you are stun. If it lasts only one turn, it's not as it should.

ok then it may be important to mention, that I had tried and deleted two other skills on this fighter before.

thank you for your attention🙂