layoff injured juve, 2 other juves lose all stats/injury

PS4 patch 1.1. New Escher gang, deadeye leader and 4 brawlers. Played very hard difficulty, did 1st match and 2 juves out of action. Both get same injury for +5 search and carry. I layoff 1 injured juve since not upgraded at all and other now has returned to uninjured status however her plus another unrelated juve now have all stats set to 1. The other juve level 0 has 40 stat points across the nine stat types as expected.

I swear this game just has some truly irrational bugs. I can't tell if it's just display issues for the underlying data or if their stats are truly reset to below normal starting values. Just gave up and deleted the gang entirely.

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So have I not been paying attention and being put out of action reduces ganger stats, current and max?

Back as Escher deadeye leader and 4 brawlers, all level 5 except leader at 6 playing brutal difficulty. 2 brawlers out of action both revived before end of match. No one has injuries. 1 brawler has max stat 10 for all 9 types. Current values for each range from 1-4 except for accuracy 10/10. Technically I don't have enough stats for most of the skills purchased.

Anybody know what's going on here? gang today everything looks ok. Not sure what would have happened if I had tried to level up in that state.

Watching some youtube videos this is a known problem with brawlers that have both weapons removed. Reequip weapons and save/restart and things should be better.

There is a version of the bug where brawlers you purchase have the bug and the arm armor is removed also and can't reequip in which case you're screwed. Just layoff and sell their equipment to recover some loss.