Menue bug while contract "Ore Sorting Center" (PTS 10.3)

After completing the first part of "Ore Sorting Center" (after delivering the cabin), I go to the map and the menue let me choose nothing, because it's blinking and the coursor jumps immediately back to the 1st position after scrolling down:

description to the video (before the video I startet the PC new and verfied the gamefiles via EGL):

  • loading the game at slot 1 (starts at "Flooded Foothills")
  • gone to the map and opens contracts and tasks (best to see while I'm at the contracts)
  • blinking menue like somebody presses a "home" button... permanently jumps to the top of the list
  • to test that this is no issue of an input device, I load (at 1 minute) save slot 2 ("Flooded Foothills" too)
  • gone to the map and open contracts and tasks
  • nothing is blinking... everything looks like it should be
  • back to menue and load savegame from slot 1 (at 2 minute)
  • gone to the menue and the blinking is back

Youtube Video

I checked other maps (load into the garage) and everything was fine... it was only at the "Flooded Foothills" while the "Ore Sorting Center" contract.

After this, I fullfilled the rest of the task (2nd part) and after the ore sorting center was build, menue issue was gone. Nothing was blinking anymore and I could choose my truck at the map again.

I saved the gameposition after the 1st part of the contract, if you want to investigate this.

Its not bound to that contract:

Same bug, different contract. Seems to be a bug in the UI happening "suddenly".

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Known bug i hope you sort. I had this when doing the cabins. if all cabins are took out or you complete the task then the UI works ok again