I keep getting kicked for cheating and I'm not

In the last five matches over the span of 15 minutes I have been kicked from all servers for "anti-cheat violation" now the first one i put down to the fact that i accidentally shot a team mate fine but then the other four servers/games i tried joining within moments of my joining i get kicked from them for the same "violation" now I do not have cheats for this game i don't even know how one would enter cheats for this game even if i wanted to cheat on this game which i don't cause it takes the fun and challenge out of the game so i don't know if this is a bug that needs to be fixed in a patch but I'm really not appreciating not being able to play a game that i just bought and payed $45 for please let me know what's happening and when you've fixed this issue so that i can learn and play this game thank you

make sure nothing is interfering with Easy anticheat, I think some reshaders count as false positive for cheating