PC specs do not matter even everything on the lowest options it cant even hold stable 30 fps

cant play the game since the last few updates because the fps drop down from my stable 45 fps as low as 0.10 fps for up to 30 seconds and the ping also goes up to 10.000 even in a local round... Die because your Frames Die is not Fun

i downloaded the game 2 times all over again and tested it for faulty files before and after re-downloading 5 times and its only this game where i have such major problems With since the last update

(the game is saved and played from an SSD)

Intel® HM175
GeForce® GTX 1050 with 2GB GDDR5
DDR4-2400 (16GB)

how i use it resolution scaling 95%





PC specs do matter just as much as when you are already CPU bound, lowering graphical details will not help you in such case.

HM175 is a mobile chipset, it would help knowing your specific CPU but i can assume it is some Skylake quad-core in which case it is not enough for stable framerate (no old quad-core is, let alone cut down mobile SKU).