Breaching Charge Idea.

So I feel the Breacher needs some extra love, currently it doesn't have many pros over the standard Riflemen and Advisor classes. Besides buffing the SMG's, which is heavily needed IMO (check my other topic here), I had another idea to make the Breacher potentially more effective and interesting in CQC.

A breaching charge, like a C4, however with the difference that the blast only goes one way (with penetrating power). So you can put it on doors or walls and kill/wound everything behind it within a reasonable proximity, while staying safe on your side.

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This is good idea, but would require some map polishing / clean up.
At the moment, there are weird physics properties on objects. i.e. bicycles and sign posts that protect you from a C4 blast.

Not to mention explosives weirdness. i.e. an RPG that hits a wall 3 meters behind you, kills you instantly when you're full hp with heavy armour. Then in the same game, an RPG hits the ground right under your feet and you take no damage.

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