Refund Sony

Sony has given me a complete refund. Not only in the form of ps store credit, but the money was transferred back to my PayPal. Necromunda has disappeared from my library as well.
It was a hard bargain. In my last mail with them I repeated my claim but also asked for the official department for complains within Sony on how this situation was handled by the customer service. good luck, guys. I'm out.

focus, you know what's up.

I’m still fighting with them, every email is; “now you need to do this” then followed by another ludicrous request like starting a YouTube account solely to upload videos of the game crashing. Total Joke.

i refused to do that. i told them to find it here. got refused. i refused their refusal and renewed my request. i also requested to know where to officially complain about the customer service. it did the trick. keep it up

Finally got my refund! Good luck to everyone out there in customer service Hell

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