Well now I my new gang is list to crash city no long can no longer load it like fucking hell focus I'm trying to even get minimal money's worth out of this game but fuck me having to restart soon as I start to enjoy it reminds me why bother consuming 40k content outside of tabletop...

Hours wasted and nothing to show for it except I am dollars down and you guys have not one bit of fucking respect for anyone here so I will be returning in kind and let me be the first to let you know and wear the probable ban with pride.

Fuck your shovel wear, fuck your company and fuck everyone involved with this project pack of grubby con artist cunts and if making games is your prideful achievement in life maybe look for a new career because you wouldn't even amount to a corpse starch shit in the underhive.

To everyone else here I admire you holding out but we need to be realistic and report this company to GW and have the license stripped from them.