It kinda irks me that the grass' color on the ghillie suit doesn't change when you switch between camos.

  • The Ghillie's color should be green-ish when you select green camos
    I'm talking about selecting camos like CROPAT, Digital Flora and Woodland Smear, and others (Although it should include more camos like Flektarn). A green tint on the Ghillie Suit should make it look distinctive enough that you cannot blend in the grasses with it and not make the cosmetic DLC "pay 2 win" .

Here's my concept of it:

  • Let us get Laser Point Shooting on daytime Co-op/PVP
    Point shooting in night time maps is very useful when you want to change between your laser sight and scopes, making your gun more versatile in CQB to Medium/High range combat . It works pretty well on pistols, too. This option should be included in daytime Co-op, and maybe even PVP. About PVP, the Laser Point Shooting training could cost 1 supply point for balancing reasons and would make the laser sight more than just a tool that gives away your position for eagle-eyed enemies. This is already possible with the Tactical Armory Mod in community servers, but it can work well for the base game, too.

Here's an example:

  • Give us suicide vests for Insurgents
    It might not be practical in killing the Security, but it sure as hell pretty fun. It could be limited to the Demolitionist, or make an entirely new class based on it. This is also possible with the Tactical Armory Mod

There are some features from this mod that NWI could take inspiration from which can be good for the base game.

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