CAT TH357 rear suspension stuck <PTS 10.2> (still present in 13.2)

I've been using TH357 without forks as a scout quite a lot. Each time I drive it the rear suspension gets stuck eventually. It's tilted to either left or right even when driving on a flat surface.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.11 - 19.56.24.jpg

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.11 - 19.56.07.jpg


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I have encountered a similar behavior on ramps where it was switching between stuck wheels depending on the turning angle, and worth of it even when finally leveled it switched back to stuck one of the suspension on its own.
I'll upload the video later.

This is still happening on 10.3

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.20 - 09.57.59.jpg

This is part of the upcoming lowrider DLC :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still broken in 10.4

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.23 - 20.30.37.jpg

@Amynue they still have not fix this? Then what is the point to have a pts then?

Still happening - PTS 12.2

SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.01.16 - 11.14.07.jpg

Still very broken - 12.3

SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.01.19 - 21.11.0523.jpg

Completely broken in 12.4

Still bugged - PTS 12.7

This is still broken in 13.2 🤬

Suspension stuck in neutral possition:

Suspension stuck leaning to the left: