Make SMG's better (currently outclassed by overversatile AR's)

Besides LMG's, SMG's is the next category of weapons which definitely needs more pros, because currently they have:

  • More (horizontal) recoil than AR's, that's fine but still a con.
  • More hipfire recoil, needs fixing.
  • Same ADS time pretty much.
  • Way less lethal.

Two small pros would be:

  • Short barrel, less barrel blocking.
  • Slightly lighter.

But that's about it...

I just can't name any significant pro besides the silencer option. AR's can do the same job fine if not better, especially the high ROF ones like the VHS and Famas. Not to forget the riflemen got underbarrel shotguns aswell now.

So how to improve them? Well:

1. Decrease hipfire recoil
Hipfire recoil is waaayyy too high, since these are low caliber CQC weapons, hipfire needs to be the most controllable out of all weapons. Picking a laser should be an actual viable option, so you can save time and react faster and more accurately than other weapons in CQC.

2. ADS speed
Since these are the lightest automatic weapons, ADS speed should be noticeably faster than AR's. My advice would to make them slightly faster than currently, but make AR's (and heavier weapons) slightly slower* to create a more pronounced difference.

*Let's face it, the game already is fast enough, especially with the new aiming grip. Such fast ADS times should be a SMG thing only.

3. Draw speed
Same advice here, they're light weapons, I would make the standard draw speed of heavier weapons slightly slower and SMGs slightly faster.

4. Ammo
Since fully loaded magazines are also lighter (smaller caliber) and since fully automatic fire is the only proper way to use SMG's, I would add 1 extra magazine to the inventory. This way the Breacher class can capitalize more on being lighter and faster and doesn't necessarily need a carrier.

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More changes I would make regarding the Breacher (and Advisor) class:

Swap AS VAL with AKS-74U
The AS VAL is an assault rifle and it needs to function like one. Just a very special one, that only the Advisor has access to, doesn't make sense the Breacher has it, it's such a rare gun.

It also needs a realistic damage/penetration model to make it usable in Semi-Auto aswell. If necessary, the recoil could be increased or the extended mags could be removed from PVP.

Not only would it make more sense and be more realistic, it would also be much more fun to play with. Would love to feel like some special force and use the gun with 4x PSO scope and be very sneaky.

Swap Honey-Badger with MK18
Again, this would make much more sense as the MK18 is way more common. It would also better fit the class description of the Advisor: "Trainer of local forces who uses exotic weapons". Well, the Badger is very rare and exotic.

Both weapons fill the Breacher role, so I don't see the problem or how this conflicts with the "make classes more distinct" argument. It doesn't change anything in this regard.